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Unlock e-commerce insights with our proxies to boost competitive intelligence and market analysis.

Gain instant access to real-time e-commerce data from marketplaces

Monitor. What. Matters.
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Track the competition in various product categories across any website. Uncover new products, products out of stock, units sold and much more.

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Modify pricing strategies in real time by monitoring competitor platforms. Become a price maker instead of a price taker.

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Elevate your digital commerce presence and optimize product visibility by tracking product rankings within platform search results

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Effortlessly bypass blocks and CAPTCHAs to access the public data you need

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Custom-made Reports To Make Great Decisions - Darktech X Webflow Template
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Effortless Bypassing of Blocks and CAPTCHAs

Stat Proxies One Click Captcha Proxy Network assists in bypassing IP Blocks and CAPTCHA's so you can easily automate E-commerce data collection.

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Global Data Accessibility

Gain unparalleled access to worldwide data without encountering geo-blocks or CAPTCHAs, ensuring you always have the information you need.

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Enhanced Data Collection Efficiency

Streamline your data collection processes with high-speed proxies designed to overcome any online barriers swiftly and efficiently.

Get structured, ready-to-use e-commerce data delivered in seconds

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Drive Actionalbe Insights

Collect data to help create actionable insights with AI. Collect the data you need to  Optimize Sales & market share.

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Constant Data Refreshers

Setup and configure proxies in your data collection modules once. Once configured you can set and forget because our IP's do not get banned.

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Extremely Low Latency Servers

Collect data at a scale and at breakneck pace. Fetch data and recieve a response under 100ms. That's 1/10 of one second.

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